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Barry Walters is a Democratic candidate running for the West Hartford Town Council. With years of experience in helping people, Barry is ready to go on day one. He is committed to building upon the success of our Democratic leadership that has kept West Hartford at the top of the list as a best place to raise a family, work, play, and retire.


It is often said that "all politics are local". That is just as true in West Hartford as anywhere. Barry knows that West Hartford faces issues around affordability, infrastructure, climate change mitigation and preparation, and the public safety of our residents and visitors. There are some issues that a municipality have more direct control over than others. I am committed to advocating whenever possible to protect and enhance our quality of life in West Hartford.

  • Promote and enable practical solutions to quality housing for all our residents - regardless of income level

  • Work to maintain quality services without runaway costs to our residents and businesses

  • Prioritize education, public safety, and infrastructure upgrades/improvements

  • Promote policy that welcomes new business growth and expands opportunity for existing businesses

  • Making West Hartford a more inclusive and welcoming community in which all have a sense of belonging and value

  • Seek out solutions that will better prepare West Hartford for ongoing and worsening climate change

  • Pursue smart growth initiatives that build upon our community's values, history, and needs

  • Work to ensure West Hartford receives its fair sure of state funding

Please let me know if you have any questions. You may direct them to me at

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